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Thursday, September 15, 2016


#tbt she's a favorite of mine and is still available at #thevaultartscollective. But I LOVE her so much I may bring her home to stay. #mixedmedia #sparrowsjourney #art #painting #redhair #redhead #curlyhair #curly #brave

Exactly 2 years ago today! (via timehop.com)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Yummy new pieces...

Yummy new pieces in progress. I think these are 18 x 24 and will eventually make their way to The Vault Arts Collective

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Upgrading my Art Space at The Vault Arts Collective

You can find this at The Vault Arts Collective!

My new sign for The Vault Arts Collective!!! I'm so excited! It's around 7 feet long if I remember correctly.

This is a new display piece for my necklaces at The Vault Arts Collective. There's hooks under the shelf for them to hang from. Another junk store find. It was empty where the glass was so I added the back covered with canvas and a big doily.

Monday, March 7, 2016


These are both pics of me with full makeup on! They are also both pics of me "smiling and happy." The left is before Younique and the right is after. My life has changed so much in that single year. I can't attribute it ALL to Younique, but definitely some of it. I know many of you are thinking I jumped on the crazy train with this makeup biz. If you would have told the me in that left photo that I would be sharing makeup and posting makeup videos and selfies on Facebook, I would have told you that you were absolutely insane. But here I am. (But also… brace yourself…. I’m already on the crazy train and life is more fun there) I've found the makeup to just be an extension of my art. My Younique business has helped me so much in my confidence and in facing my fears. I'm letting my true self out a little at a time. The goofball inside. :) This business constantly challenges me to “do it scared!” And dang! That’s hard people! But you know, those changes don’t just happen in one aspect of my life…. It affects ALL of my life, my relationships, my art, my day job, just everything. And I am so thankful.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Festive Soul Food 2015 ONLINE Mixed Media Art Class


~ 3 Head Chefs: Mystele Kirkeeng, Heather Santos and Jeanette House
~ 9 Sous-Chefs & 1 Celebrity Chef!
~ 3 content rich video instruction mixed media lessons per week for 1 month
~ Each artist’s favourite festive comfort food cooking recipe
~ All downloadable videos
~ Classroom access through Dec 31, 2015
~ Access to a private Community Thrive group on Facebook